A new talk about the Re:Zero Ending

Well..well..well, We meet again readers des!

Its me des~ Neko. Back from the usual cosplaying and reading my light novels. School is really hard.

Okay…I’m going to make this review a wee~ bit quick, I really need to continue my things and reviews.

Re:Zero…Re:Zero…Ending is really..really hontoni hontoni good.

Atlast..I love you Emilia

First off, The ending of Re:zero might be one of the best endings I’ve ever watched in my whole life. It’s really perfectly done by the creators, I’ll tell them that…But~ There is a REALLY BIG FLAW that the fans saw, It’s Rem…Rem didn’t have her chance, That’s why it wasn’t that good.

re zero gif.gif
Rem..You wasted it

And..I also noticed something good actually, It’s the happy mimi..Mimi was really proud back there.


I am really happy for Re:Zero’s successful showing time. Congrats Re:Zero, You made me proud, Since the start..before Re:Zero was called Re:Life and the time of the light novels, I followed it, I followed it’s footsteps and now, I will try to successfully cosplay Genderbend Rem in my next event (Animax here I come!)

Me Waifu

And btw, I’ve always been waiting for Eruza to come back for Subaru’s Di- Body so that she could kill him…Again.

That’s all I have to say, All-in-all, The anime itself is good and the ending made the cherry on top! Re:Zero, I would like to have a season..O-ONEGAI!


Watch Netoge! I would like to order a rabb- review!

Neko-des signing off!


One Comment Add yours

  1. darkdaemonpk2 says:

    Your “des” is missing a “u” (should have been desu). Anyways, it really depends on the person watching the anime whether the ending was really good or not; if its about the story and it ended for what people see it as a good ending then its a good ending. If you are just looking for an ending in which it involves your favorite couple in which you hoped they will be an item at the end of the show, then good luck because it is not always like that in both anime and real life.

    I just don’t know but something in me that is preventing me on watching this Re:Zero thingy… I don’t know; maybe I’m just a person who prefers to watch something not being watched by the majority, but I’m not giving the conclusion that Re:Zero is not worth it but still…


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